CC BY-SA by krozruch

An Anatomy of Minimal Brain Dysfunction 2


'give me a watered lively garden, remote from blatherers' The second in a series examining the tangents and cul-de-sacs explored, willingly and unwillingly, by Christopher Rozruch who observes the collapsing cyperpunk world around him in the only (neurally-distinctive) way he knows: with disengaged consternation. Here, he takes regrets the direction of his life and that he cannot retire to a shack in a small village somewhere and live as a blacksmith. Prompting this was reflections on recent copyright legislation passed in the European Union, which he learned about through Mastodon, which, though more tolerable than Twitter, also seems to him to only add to the number of inputs in his life, but also the necessity of reinstalling his computer and trying to do something with the Bitcoin he had been sitting on.

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