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Call Them Soldiers - reanimated


Call Them Soldiers - reanimation (A podcast relating to the novel which may be found at Where I was at the beginning of July when I was first starting to write full time. The In Service story I began Call Them Soldiers with. Liberland in Radicals by Jamie Bartlett informed my ideas relating to the story. (This is not an endorsement. It is a well-intentioned book but doesn't do such a great job of holding people to account, I think. Bartlett is a nicer person than he would need to be to do so, and he is keen, I think, to find these radicals and to understand them; this may be useful as far as it provides a counter-narrative, but Bitcoin and initiatives like Liberland are leveraging early Russell Brand-style disengagement as well as oligarchical signal boosting, and so it is important to counter the vanguard as much as the current elites.) Facebook is openly advertising the fact that they can influence elections. "This book is simply the book that needs to be written now... it is a philosophical disquisition of a novel..." An early explication of "The Condoit citizen matrix". (The Condoit will later become The Eudaemon from "eudaemonia" and "daemon" as used to describe background processes in computing.) This was trialled on immigrants after some kind of terrorism wave. Talk of the Kropotkin Montessori School (a joke).

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