CC BY-NC-SA by krozruch

The Unforgiving Minutes 24th November, 2015


A podcast recorded in the first of two years as a class teacher and over six months into what was then called Radical Transparency. I discuss what I call reveries. These are intrusive daydreams such as are experienced by Billy Fisher in Billy Liar. A large proportion of my experience is taken up with these reveries and they are one of the things that make it almost impossible for me to function in a typical way. I go on to talk about my cultural life, notably my having ordered a couple of books from an independent publisher, Salt, and read from the London Review of Books on Trump's rise. I mention Call Them Soldiers in passing. It had not yet been reanimated. I am still thinking over the possibilities for what was then Radical Transparency, some of which may be relevant still for Marginálie. I talk about the deadline for being published - something that be at the back of my mind for years yet. I take this deadline as a deadline to have a home server. Interestingly there is as yet no talk of applying for an Irish passport which was indeed what I was to do. Intro: Doctor Talos Answers the Door by Doctor Turtle (CC BY) Outro: Terrible Control by The Agrarians (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

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