morbid interregnum

while the old is dying and the new cannot be born

Morbid Interregnum is a test website used to prototype both Marginálie, a Creative Commons zine, and DandyLion, the Flask-based software that will be running it. Here early-adoption readers, users, and contributors, will see the software developed alongside the work which will fill its pages. The point of all this is to create something informed by punk zines and samizdat - that is, by two powerful cultural products created on both sides of an artificially-maintained ideological division currently threatening to return in even more dysfunctional times.

morbid interregnum - overview
**current submissions state** open - for Marginálie Issue Zero
**submission guidelines** details
**privacy policy** details
**keybase** krozruch

Instance details
**governance model** BDFN (benevolent dictator for now)
**runs ads**
**embeds Twitter** :
**embeds YouTube** :
**other Google content** :
**transparent bank account** : TBA
**samizdat in circulation** :

Technical specifications
**implementation** DandyLion v0.1.1
**owns server**
**keeps logs**
**Engineers tracking**

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