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Privacy Policy


Marginálie (and its test site, morbid-interregnum) is built using Flask, a web framework written in the Python programming language. Flask uses cookies (files stored on your computer) to handle things like user log-ins and the like. These cookies may often be inspected by the user using a cookie manager browser add-on.

Occasionally, this website may store information such as which pages you have viewed. Certainly, information entered into forms, such as social media handles, email addresses, names and the like, will be stored in a database. Other information, such as favourite books and music, and the types of posts you find interesting or valuable, will be stored as you interact with posts and media, and as you create and upload your own. If and when some form of federation is engineered, some of this information may be passed between different instances of the DandyLion software running this zine.

This zine does not sell any of this data. Nor does it collect information about you from other sources.

Marginálie is being created as a reaction against the dangers of surveillance capitalism. This does not automatically mean that its developers are making the right choices. We do, however, certainly aim to try to make you as aware as possible of the choices we are making, and encourage you to make informed choices about who to entrust with you data.

Please remember, most software is, at best, as trustworthy as its administrators. Time taken to figure our where they are coming from will be well spent.

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