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Command line traumas


This may be the first post written on Marginálie. Likely as not it will be lost as I struggle to put the database together. I have began to create the database which will be running Marginálie and have learned a hell of a lot in a few days, primarily by walking around Prague telling myself I'm an idiot. I may be, and there is an awful lot I do not understand yet, but I think on reflection that these days have been useful. I ought to meditate more, do more yoga. I ought to read more. And learn how to watch a film through from beginning to end. I have not been a pig satisfied these days, though I might have been a lot better off had I gone for that look. I'll be accused of all sorts of things if I pull this off, and not least by myself, but though I have doubted myself constantly, and still do, and though I have been my own worst enemy with a lot of mental blocks and a handful of cases of busting through them by going off half-cocked, I would not yet bet against me. What becomes of it and whether anybody cares will be a different thing entirely. But hey ho, here begins the diary and now it's just down to me to try to ensure it goes on.

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