CC BY-SA by krozruch

An Announcement


A video recorded to announce Marginálie on an old Twitter account at @pocketapocketa (a friend had locked me out of it for some months after a last rant). I talk about the concept behind the zine, forking punk zines and samizdat. I talk about how voices are marginalised in mainstream social media platforms and how we cannot yet see the resistance that was in evidence under Thatcher, under FDR, Nixon and indeed elsewhere around the world. Even where the resistance is happening, it is far too easy to render it invisible.I talk about Anthony Bourdain and Aaron Swartz and mention The Internet's Own Boy, a film I saw for the second time at a human rights film festival in 2014 just as I was putting together the ideas for Radical Transparency which was, in retrospect, the first version of Marginálie.I mention the Marginálie book club towards the end.

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