CC BY-SA by krozruch

An Introduction to Marginálie Bookclub


A video in which I do two things. One, I try out live streaming from Jitsi Meet. And two, I introduce the idea of doing a bookclub in which I discuss Edward Said's Orientalism. Quite aside from the technical limitations on display here, I sabotage the project somewhat through a lack of confidence in what I was doing. I had, throughout the summer, been struggling with others' impressions of me and had fought most of all with all of the negativity I had internalised over the years. I could repeat to myself all of the phrases from Charta 77 ('if not us, then who? If not now, then when?') but they mattered not at all if, when surrounded by nay sayers and people who would continue to be ideologically opposed to everything I was doing, I lost faith in myself. I did that here. First, I had hoped to attract a couple of people to talk about the book on-line with me. I wrote an email which nobody responded to, and perhaps posted it on the Federation through a Pleroma account I had at the time (I have nuked it since after having neglected it for some time), but I did so in such a way that I essentially apologised for it and talked it down; moreover, I posted on Pleroma so late and so gingerly that it was unlikely that anybody would see it, let alone react. When finally I set up for the time, a friend I had not seen for a long time - and who is rather sceptical of my projects - came over and we chatted for a long time. We had plenty to talk about what with me having been taking on Woodstock's parents with their post-communist capitalist vanguard values and their baby boomer sense of superiority over everything that we stand for, but also, I was bashful about going next door with my loud, low voice which carries through the sturdiest of walls and partitions, to talk about a niche intellectual book about muslims and 'The Orient' that nobody here could ever care about. But I am apologising for it all again... I have looked into the technology again since and it is possible to make something of it, but it would take some dedication of money (an additional one or two virtual servers at least by the looks of it), but I am still tempted by the idea. Indeed, the video, which I made no effort to talk up after the fact (I seldom do), is, though of poor quality, a little better than I might have imagined. Honestly, I ought really to try another, and the idea itself is far from terrible.

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