CC BY-SA by krozruch

Marginálie Diary 12/04/18


Where I am at with Marginálie on 12th April, 2018. Essentially, the website at has been replaced with a "coming soon" page, I have done a lot of work off-line, and been working hard on Issue Zero in its git repository talk about having taking some time out to work doing landscaping, my fears of being underemployed and being marginal, and my most recent masochistic idea of looking into setting up an instance of a decentralised social media platform such as Diaspora, Mastodon, or, most recently, Pleroma at https://ppp.marginalie.euI talk about Flask, the Python web framework, and how I aim to rebuild the website with a Flask back end.I also talk about my doubts that a donation-based payment model will ever earn me my keep or replace even the awful jobs I have known until now.

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