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Morbid Interregnum Flask dev screencast


An attempt to do two things: firstly, to overcome my imposter syndrome and talk about what I am trying to do with Marginálie, and secondly to approach anybody who may be willing to get on board. I have been trying to do too much recently, working and then splitting my free time into work on the Flask web application and learning SQLalchemy and postgresql as well as writing some of the essays, criticism, fiction, and work I would like to put up on the website. That is not to mention the videos and all of the admin I have needed recently.

I talk through Flask and look over an example from the database and Python classes in such a way that somebody with some familiarity with web design and/or coding should be able to get their head around it. I also talk a little about the concept as such, giving an example of a simple template proof-of-concept zine (albeit one built around Google docs) and showing the direction I hope to develop the QR functionality.

I have no doubt there are many unclear passages here, but one in particular stuck out for me. When I discuss the EU and it's 'link tax' and whatever it is with that egregious tech-lobbyist-friendly Article 13 some time ago, it sounds like I am saying that an obscure political journal is claiming that I would be stealing its content and robbing it of revenue by linking to it. This, of course, is not true, and so far as I am aware, no such publication pleaded the EU to stop citizens from sharing links to its 'content'. I meant that those in the EU who wrote and passed the legislation and those Macronic technocratic types who claim that it is aiding newspapers might make such a claim.

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