CC BY-SA by krozruch

pocketapocketa November 2016 (raw)


I go over git.

I discuss A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man[ic Depressive],

which remained an important part of Radical Transparency until the end

and may yet feature in Marginálie. I then talk about the essay What We May be Judged on and its origins in a magazine article on Bohumil Hrabal, an essay I hope to develop for Marginálie Zero.

If this video overlaps with one or two of the audio podcasts elsewhere,

it does so after the election of Trump and its focus is more on what is

necessary for us to do as citizens.

I mention Charta 17 which I threw together on November 9th and never did anything with.

Vinay Gupta aka @leashless comes up again as I discuss the origins of What We Talk About When We Talk About ████.

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