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WTF Then Must We Do?


This is me having a moral and intellectual crisis and working it out on a day where my mind is not working as it might.

This Twitter thread is part of where I was at this time. This one, written beforehand, is another. Between the two I discovered that Anthony Bourdain had killed himself. Woodstock had been reading him. We had discussed him periodically. This hit me hard.

I talk about some of the themes of WTF Then Must We Do: community and decommunilisation / the enclosure of the social commons, neurodevelopment conditions and how they may be considered to be as much nurture as nature, civilisational illnesses, Bohumil Hrabal and the world he inhabited vs the world we live in now. I also talk about Tony Harrison.

I mistakenly talk about the films of Nick Curtis. I am in fact talking about Adam Curtis.

I first came across a reference to the Choctaw Nation which inspired the "literary famine walk" of History is on the Makein this episode of the Irish Passport podcast which covers the Great Hunger. I forget the names during the video but the podcast is by Naomi O’Leary and Tim Mc Inerney. The sculpture to the Choctaw Nation is called Kindred Spirits.

There is not so much on Lidice, and I can find reference to Stoke-On-Trent rather than Wales, but here is a short piece by the BBC about it.

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